Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyers, St. Louis, MO, and Memphis, TN

Fighting for Their Clients in Workers' Compensation Cases

After an alleged workplace injury or occupational illness, the employer and the workers' compensation insurer require the most cost-effective representation available commensurate with economical payouts when an employee files a workers' compensation claim.

The defense of workers' compensation claims is part of the mix of client matters handled by Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys. Boyle Brasher LLC has the ability and systems in place to handle workers' compensation claims on a volume basis. The firm's attorneys are skilled negotiators and understand the need to work cooperatively with their clients and their insurers.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Boyle Brasher LLC has the ability to quickly get to the heart of any workers' compensation case, including those involving:

  • Causation: All too often, employees attempt to pass off injuries suffered outside the workplace as the result of an employment-related accident.
  • Employment relatedness: Not all injuries suffered while on the clock are work-related. Our legal team will carefully investigate your employee's claim to determine its relatedness.
  • Medical diagnosis: Diagnoses are not always accurate. An improper diagnosis can lead to thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.
  • Permanency rating issues: We will conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether your employee's disability is permanent.

The firm's attorneys work to resolve a case within generally accepted valuations. If unable to resolve a disputed claim, Boyle Brasher LLC presents the employer's defense to the workers' compensation judge in a succinct manner. The result is cost savings that benefit for the insurer and the employer. If necessary, Boyle Brasher LLC's lawyers are also well-versed in the procedures involved with and the presentation of appeals to higher administrative levels and the courts from any inappropriate award of workers' compensation benefits.

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