Municipal Law and Legislation Lawyers St Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

Fighting for Their Clients Nationwide

Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys include a former municipal alderman, school board members, city attorneys, assistant states attorneys, and congressional legislative assistants. These attorneys are seasoned veterans in handling relations and negotiations for their clients with government agencies at all levels, including federal, state, county, municipal, school district or other specialized taxing bodies. Boyle Brasher LLC's attorneys have handled zoning disputes, licensing requests, property abandonments, and condemnations for their clients. The firm has attorneys skilled in drafting legislation, ordinances or any type of regulation. When necessary, Boyle Brasher LLC will never shy away from litigating in court with any governmental agency.

State And Local Government Lawyers

With Boyle Brasher LLC's depth of experience in state and local governmental affairs and the breadth of our other practice areas, the firm's attorneys have advised and represented governmental bodies at all levels. The firm has attorneys particularly experienced in assisting clients requiring special assistance in drafting and reviewing municipal, county and state legislation involving issues such as:

  • Tax levies
  • Ordinances
  • Eminent domain
  • Zoning
  • Land use planning

Contact Our Experienced Attorneys

Boyle Brasher LLC's attorneys welcome the opportunity to consult with businesses or others seeking assistance with a problem requiring the intervention of an attorney with any governmental agency. The firm also welcomes inquiries from governmental leaders at any level of government regarding existing or proposed legislation or other governmental responsibilities. The firm's offices are located in St. Louis, Missouri; Belleville, Illinois; and Memphis, Tennessee. To schedule a consultation, call us or contact us online.