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Fighting for Their Clients In Product Liability Cases

Manufacturers are treated like sitting ducks after an accidental injury occurs that was allegedly caused by their product. Plaintiffs' lawyers search high and low for product manufacturers, designers, distributors, dealers or prior owners to sue after an injury they claim is related to a defectively designed or manufactured product.

Diverse Products Liability Cases

Boyle Brasher LLC handles a large number of diverse lawsuits that assert strict liability in tort or negligence claims for allegedly defective products. Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys have represented companies involved in the design and manufacturing of vehicles, aircraft, therapeutic drugs, heavy construction equipment, conveyors, augers, manufacturing equipment, chemicals and tobacco products.

Successfully defending a products liability case requires an across-the-board aggressive approach toward case preparation and trial. Plaintiffs' attorneys have expert witnesses who specialize in helping them with testimony in products liability claims. Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys readily draw upon a large network of technical experts and engineers who are highly qualified in their fields to assess plaintiff's hired gun's opinions and to provide rebuttal testimony as warranted. Boyle Brasher LLC thoroughly vets the credentials of experts it retains to assure that they are knowledgeable in their fields, experienced, and completely credible.

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Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys have defended hundreds of products liability cases, most involving claims by individuals or their estates, many involving class action claims. Our trial attorneys have tried product defect cases to verdict with outstanding results for our clients in the toughest jurisdictions in the country.

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