Legal Malpractice Defense For Lawyers In St Louis & Memphis, TN

Fighting for Their Attorney and Law Firm Clients

From the firm's offices in St. Louis, Missouri; Belleville, Illinois; and Memphis, Tennessee, Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys offer fellow attorneys, law firms and their insurers respectful and aggressive representation when their professionalism has been challenged in a legal malpractice lawsuit. Attorneys sued in malpractice cases often request that their malpractice insurer retains Boyle Brasher LLC to represent them.

We represent attorneys involved in a broad spectrum of practice fields: personal injury, criminal defense, business, civil defense, corporate, estate planning and other areas. From the initial contact with our client, through discovery, trial preparation, trial and/or appeals we bring our knowledge and experience to bear in a focused way in every legal malpractice case. If in the interest of our client and their insurer, we are experienced with various extrajudicial dispute resolution techniques, including nonbinding mediation.

Navigating The Hazards Of Legal Malpractice Claims

Our legal malpractice defense attorneys understand the seriousness of a legal malpractice claim, its effects on the attorney and a firm. A legal malpractice case can bring a thriving, productive law practice to a standstill. An adverse result can be devastating. Boyle Brasher LLC's legal malpractice clients and their insurers depend on the firm to plan and execute the strongest defense possible. Our attorneys are experienced trial and appellate lawyers with an enviable record of favorable outcomes on behalf of their clients.

If you have been accused of legal malpractice, our attorneys are ready to protect your practice and your reputation. To schedule a consultation with Boyle Brasher LLC, give us a call or contact us online.