Insurance Defense, First Party Claims, Coverage

Insurance defense litigation has been and remains a major component of Boyle Brasher LLC's practice. The firm's attorneys represent many insurance carriers including primary coverage liability insurers, excess insurers, life, disability and health insurers. The firm has defended hundreds of insured individuals, businesses and organizations, covered by general and specialized liability insurance policies. The firm represents insurers in declaratory judgment actions and other first-party coverage cases. Our attorneys are experienced in representing insurers in interpleader actions and bad-faith claims. The firm has also done a significant amount of work for excess insurers.

Insurance Defense First Party Claims

Boyle Brasher LLC lawyers always focus on obtaining the best results possible for our insurance clients and their insureds. We understand the need to investigate and evaluate cases as quickly as possible to allow an insurance carrier to properly reserve a case and to budget for the most cost-effective representation available. Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys utilize alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in many cases to avoid unnecessary expense. Occasionally a case cannot be resolved by settlement or dispositive motion and must be tried. Our trial attorneys have tried numerous cases to verdict and have repeatedly produced successful courtroom results for our insurance clients and their insureds.

Insurance-Related Practice Areas

Our cases have involved the following types of insurance-related issues and legal practice areas:

Insurance Defense

Working In An Advisory Role

While Boyle Brasher LLC typically defends insurers and/or their insureds in lawsuits that arise from an accidental injury or fatality, our attorneys also consult with businesses, corporations, property owners and insurers in an advisory role. Many of our clients are self-insured. For those clients "insurance defense" often translates into risk management. Boyle Brasher LLC can serve in an advisory role for an insurance company, an insured or self-insured entity before liability becomes an issue or litigation is commenced.

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