Gaming Law and Gambling Regulation Lawyers in St. Louis, MO, Memphis, TN

Casino owners, online gambling operators and off-track horse racing facilities recognize the experience and depth of knowledge of the gaming law attorneys of Boyle Brasher LLC. Boyle Brasher LLC has a proven track record of high-caliber representation for the gaming industry in areas such as:

  • Gaming regulation challenges: Gambling laws change frequently. Our attorneys can help your organization protect its rights and interests.
  • Casino compliance: Compliance is a vital part of a casino's operation. We can help you ensure you are operating according to regulations and help prevent violations in the future.
  • Gaming-related litigation defense: Our attorneys provide skilled legal services to companies that have been accused of a gaming-related offense.
  • Gaming taxation defense: The tax laws surrounding gambling-derived revenue can be complex.
  • Intellectual property infringement defense: If your organization has been accused of violating intellectual property rights, we will protect your interests.
  • Litigation involving the internet or wireless gaming: Electronic gambling laws can change quickly, making compliance difficult. We offer experienced legal representation to those who have been accused of a violation.
  • Credit and debt collection: Debt collection is an important part of a gaming operation.
  • Application and establishment of gambling operations: Our skilled attorneys are prepared to assist you with the creation of a new gambling establishment.
  • Employment law for gambling establishments: We have extensive experience with a wide variety of employment law issues.

Gambling Law Attorneys and Casino Regulatory Compliance

Boyle Brasher LLC assists its gaming clients with regulatory compliance and applications as well as in all forms of civil litigation. Along with this concentration in regulatory matters and litigation the firm has attorneys who are experienced and skilled risk managers for their clients in the gaming industry. Our attorneys are available to assist clients in the prevention of litigation before it occurs as well as assisting them in their responses to claims, lawsuits and citations by regulatory agencies.

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Boyle Brasher's gaming law attorneys are headquartered in the firm's St. Louis, Missouri, office, with supporting offices in Memphis, Tennessee, and Belleville, Illinois.

To schedule a consultation with a gaming lawyer at Boyle Brasher LLC, contact our firm online or call one of the offices. The firm welcomes inquiries from gaming industry representatives and their insurers anywhere in North America.