Environmental Law

Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys have extensive experience in the defense of regulatory citations and court actions alleging that the firm's client has violated federal or state statutes or regulations that govern water, air or land pollution, hazardous solid waste, wetlands and wild lands.

Our experience allows us to provide in-depth legal assistance to companies across a wide range of industries, including manufacturers, railroads, health care providers and trucking companies.

Seeking Out The Most Favorable Possible Resolution

Legal actions relating to environmental law can be devastating for a company. In addition to the financial strain caused by regulatory action, many companies also suffer serious damage to their reputations, which can lead to significant disruptions to future operations.

If your company has been accused of an environmental violation, the lawyers at Boyle Brasher LLC understand the issues at hand. We will provide dedicated, personalized legal services designed to resolve the matter as early in the process as possible, limiting your firm's financial risk and public exposure.

Contact Our Law Office

Boyle Brasher LLC's concentration of its practice on civil defense litigation involves representation of a number of corporate clients. It is well-positioned to assist business clients and property owners facing environmental charges.

We welcome inquiries from companies or their insurers facing any type of environmental claim. To schedule a consultation at our offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Memphis, Tennessee, or Belleville, Illinois, call us or contact us online.