Commercial and Business Litigation Lawyers, St. Louis, MO, Memphis, TN

Businesses seeking counsel in commercial litigation in the Midwest, South and beyond look to Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys for advice and representation when they are sued for damages in commercial lawsuits. Corporate clients, partnerships, professional corporations and individuals have sought legal advice and representation in the following kinds of commercial cases:

  • Business and partnership disputes: A partnership dispute can disrupt a company's operations at a high level.
  • Contract disputes: Contract disputes can be complex and acrimonious; our goal is to help you reach a cost-effective resolution.
  • Fraud: If your company is facing allegations of fraud, our attorneys will help you protect your interests.
  • Unfair competition: All too often, legitimate business practices are mistaken for unfair dealings.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: If your company has been accused of breaking fiduciary duty, or if another party has broken the duty they hold toward you, our attorneys will represent your interests.
  • Wrongful discharge: Accusations of wrongful discharge can follow even legitimate terminations. Our firm will help you protect your company's rights and interests.
  • Sexual harassment: We offer sensitive representation in sexual harassment cases while protecting and promoting the rights of our client.
  • Noncompete agreements: Covenants not to compete provide the backbone of many employment agreements.
  • Confidentiality: Confidentiality agreements are instrumental in protecting trade secrets. Breaches need to be handled decisively, as they could dramatically affect a company's long-term operations.

Aggressive, Effective Litigation And Appeals

Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys bring extensive experience and dedication to their efforts to be game changers for their business clients that find themselves involved in commercial disputes that result in litigation. The firm defends products liability claims, breach of contract lawsuits, employment discrimination, toxic tort cases and many other varieties of litigation.

Boyle Brasher LLC's attorneys have tried many significant cases to the verdict that resulted in successful outcomes for its commercial clients. The firm's attorneys are highly respected by trial judges before whom the firm's attorneys appear and trial lawyers alike who try cases against them in some of the most hostile jurisdictions in America.

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We welcome inquiries from commercial enterprises that require effective representation anywhere in North America. To schedule a consultation with an attorney at our offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Memphis, Tennessee, or Belleville, Illinois, give us a call or contact us online.