Admiralty and Maritime Law Lawyers In St Louis MO and Memphis, TN

Boyle Brasher LLC's three offices are located on or near the largest inland waterway network in the United States that accommodates a great volume of barge traffic. St. Louis, Missouri; Belleville, Illinois; and Memphis, Tennessee, are located on the Mississippi River. All three offices are also near the Ohio River and the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio. Our attorneys have defended civil lawsuits in many of the jurisdictions adjoining both the Mississippi and Ohio.

Fighting For Their Admiralty And Maritime Clients

The attorneys at Boyle Brasher LLC are retained by barge lines, tow operators, terminal operators and fleeting and service companies in Jones Act lawsuits filed by employees for alleged job-related injuries. Backed by decades of legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and the resources to protect the assets and the interests of our clients.

Boyle Brasher LLC attorneys represent the maritime and associated businesses in claims by barge workers for maintenance and cure. The firm is also experienced in handling limitation of liability actions pursuant to the Shipowner's Limitation of Liability Act.

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Our lawyers are ready to assist with even the most complex maritime law cases. To schedule a consultation at one of our three office locations, call us or fill out our online contact form.